Locksmiths Valhalla is the leading Locksmith in the northern region of Gauteng. While offering a wide range of services completed by the best in the business with many years of experience.

Automotive Locksmith

That awful heart-dropping moment when you leave your keys in the car and you hear the doors lock behind you – it is most probably one of the worst feelings, especially when you are in a hurry and running late. Don’t panic! Locksmiths Valhalla will sort out the situation without a fuss. Give us a call and we will send out an auto locksmith to get you in the car and on the way as soon as possible.

We also offer other automotive services such as:

Car key replacement, Transponder keys, specializing in VW key replacement and Volkswagen transponder keys, and yes of course – we are also key programmers.

Locksmiths Valhalla  can also do ECU programming as well as ECU repairs, keeping your vehicle’s computer running at optimal levels.

Master Keying

Whether you need a safe locksmith, car key locksmith, or to simply sum up every situation – an emergency locksmith, we are the answer to your prayers. Locksmiths Valhalla has kitted out all of their technicians with a master key to open any lock you can think of. Why not give us a shout and test it for yourself?

Locksmiths Valhalla

For more information on how master keying works, click the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U6rdI_uG2c

Locksmiths in  Valhalla do not only help you get into the locks you cannot crack but we also help you prevent other people from getting into yours with our state of the art security systems.

Protecting your home or business is a matter of concern in this day and age. We offer services of protection right from the boundary walls of your property with electric fencing, Cctv cameras, and intercom systems, right to the burglar bars, and security gates leading inside.

Locksmiths Valhalla has every bodies’ best interests at heart. We install boom gates as well as access control for complexes and closed off areas.

Feeling vulnerable or simply just lazy?

Getting out of the car when you pulling in at home after a long day should be the last of your stresses. Locksmiths Valhalla offers gate motors, and garage door motor installations so you don’t need to exit your vehicle when getting home before you are safe behind locked doors.

Garage doors are bound to give us hassles at some point. That is where Locksmiths Valhalla offers garage door repairs to keep it working smoothly and effectively.

Bringing it all together

Locksmiths Valhalla is also connected with Wifi installations for general internet or to connect all of the individual security components. If you have a T.V that you want to view your camera footage on but need it out the way, we offer T.V mounting as well.

Locksmiths Valhalla

Use the T.V for more than just monitoring, allow us to do your Dstv installation so you can enjoy the full package. Find out more about Dstv on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DStv

Give us a call

Locksmiths Valhalla has you covered in all situations you find yourself in.